How may curry leaves be used more effectively?

Nutrition is about optimizing what you have for your body. Curry leaves are a staple in our cookery.

These leaves are thought to be very healthy, helping with skin and hair difficulties.

Nutritionist, wellness expert, and Healthy High, Mumbai founder Bhakti Kapoor acknowledged that curry leaves have several health benefits

They're full of antioxidants that protect cells. Anti-inflammatory qualities may improve digestion by minimizing stomach ulcers and promoting gut health. 

Curry leaves may lower cholesterol and blood sugar, according to some research

 These leaves also contain hair and skin-healthy vitamins and minerals "Kapoor stated.Thus, when gut microbiota scientist Shonali Sabherwal discussed curry leaf use, we listened.

Sabherwal said curry leaves give flavor and health advantages to foods. Alpha-amylase, a strong enzyme, breaks down starch to glucose

 Thus, it regulates blood sugar naturally. It is bitter in Traditional Chinese Medicine, therefore the liver loves it, and in Ayurveda, bitter combats sugar, hence diabetes "Sabherwal added.

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