Horoscope Today: February 29, 2024


You're not supposed to make everyone comfortable. It is not your responsibility to appear likable. Your job is to be you. Aries, be yourself in this wide, dangerous world.  


Change rarely happens as we think. It serves our ultimate good. This raises the fundamental question: will Taurus follow the heavenly rhythm?  


The universe would tell you, "You're on the right track!" You are in the correct place and your career is on track. So, get out of your own way.” Yes, Gemini.  


It takes practice to develop your intuition, like anything else. Take time to listen. Pay attention to your spiritual guidance.  


Baby, ready for your cosmic blue dart? The universe is blessing you this week. Your charm and drive are drawing success.  


Despite your efforts, the external cannot be fixed. As always, the cards encourage you to meditate, focus, and recall your connection to the Divine Spirit.  


The goal of perfection can paralyze us with failure anxiety. When we worry about perfection, we avoid chances and new experiences. Libra, you know everything about this, right?  


On Earth, Scorpio, impermanence is normal. Beautiful, accept what accomplished its function with grace. Make equanimity your superpower by learning and growing from it.   


Like you've been to hell and back, Sagittarius! Take a moment to comprehend what your subconscious is telling you. Be a mess if necessary.  


What does love mean to you, lovely Capricorn? What makes your stomach butterflies flutter with joy and laughter? Consider this soulscope your sign to live a more creative, real life and spend your time and efforts to raising your soul's music.   


You may have to relearn everything you've been taught about yourself and the world to construct a new reality. Your thoughts and actions determine your life.  


This is the season to travel! To broaden your mind and social circle! It seems Pisces season will keep you busy, blessed, and scheduled!  

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