Here's where every key 'Outlander' character left off before season 7.

The time-traveling romantic drama "Outlander" will return to theaters on Friday, June 16, after an approximately 12-month absence.

After choosing to slash season six short due to the coronavirus epidemic, the new season will be the longest since the show's debut in 2014.

There will be 16 episodes total, divided into two halves. The second set will debut somewhere in 2024, while the first eight will air this summer.

Here's a recap of what happened in season six and where each important character ended up when viewers last saw them, given it's been so long since we last saw Jamie, Claire, and the other residents of Fraser's Ridge.

At her lowest point, Claire (Caitrona Balfe) opened season six self-medicating with ether,

an anesthetic she developed to help with challenging procedures, plagued by visions of what she had gone through at the hands of Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and his crew.

Even though Claire suspected that she had contracted something other than the bloody flux, a dysentery outbreak on the ridge put her at the brink of death.

When she discovered that Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), her new apprentice, was expecting a child and was claiming that Jamie (Sam Heughan) was the father, things only became worse for her. 

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