Harrison Bader is preparing to compete.

It's astonishing how much MLB has changed throughout the years.

It seemed unimaginable the previous year to see the New York Yankees release a key player and have the Cincinnati Reds sign him.

Naturally, the Yanks were in the running, while the Reds endured one of their worst campaigns ever in 2022.

The Reds are competing for a Wild Card position and possibly even the NL Central division, while the Yankees have no realistic chance of making the postseason this year.

In order to conserve money, the Yankees did indeed waive center fielder Harrison Bader, who was then signed by the Reds.

At the 2022 trade deadline, Bader was acquired by the Yankees in exchange for Jordan Montgomery going to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Fans have harshly criticized that move because Bader had a.643 OPS in 84 games this season in the Bronx while Montgomery, 

who was traded to the Texas Rangers in the 2023 edition of the deadline, is currently one of the greatest pitchers in the American League.

Joe Montana proclaims this quarterback to be the greatest of all time, and Tom Brady isn't it.