Grizzlies' Ja Morant removed before halftime after speaking with fans. 

Ja Morant, a Memphis Grizzlies player, had an unusual contact with courtside fans on Saturday night during the Thunder-Grizzlies game. 

After his second technical infraction, Morant was ejected before halftime. 115-109, Thunder. 

He was dismissed while chatting with fans. After being thrown, Morant gave the supporters two thumbs up. As he showered, Morant and Grizzlies supporters continued talking. Morant's father reportedly contacted him and brought a phone to the fans. 

He acknowledged his supporters over FaceTime. They came to help. They watched us. He said, "I'm fine.

"You know, just watching basketball and looking at all these other All-Stars, certain stuff they get, I feel it’s not consistent on my end." I say what's on my mind and some become emotional." Morant said he didn't talk to an official before either technical foul but didn't say what he said to the supporters.

"I got my first tech for saying I was punched in the face." I receive another tech for conversing with a fan about Ray Acosta again. When these fans bought tickets online, it didn't say (Ray's) name to come watch." 

According to ESPN, Morant's first technical was "for use of profanity directed at an official" and his second was "for making a comment questioning an official." 

On December 1, the Grizzlies star was ejected from a game and fined $35,000. Do you feel singled out? "No idea." He agreed. "Most likely dislike me."

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