Garden Design Ideas for Spaces of All Sizes

Winter Flower

Did you know many plants, including these gorgeous hellebores, bloom throughout winter? Plant winter-blooming flowers to enjoy your yard in bad weather.

Flowering Tree

A blossoming tree will highlight your garden. White-flowering dogwoods are accent trees.

Pollinator Garden

Beautify your yard and help local pollinators! Plant pollinator-friendly flowers, shrubs, and trees. You'll love bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds as much as flowers.

Patio Garden Bed

To define a new patio and make it feel like an outdoor room, add a planting bed.

Ultimate Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden, or potager, is the ideal way to create a pretty and practical garden space.

Perennial Garden

Why replant flowers annually? By using perennial flowers, which last for years, you may create a low-maintenance garden.

Vertical Garden

Up is sometimes the only way to grow! Vining plants can screen and obscure a deck or patio. Potted vines work as well as bed-grown ones.

Herb Garden

Even with limited area, you can cultivate herbs outside your door. Gather a variety of pots and plant your favorite herbs and some new ones (you may find a new favorite!)

Rose Garden

Every garden requires roses! Not as fussy as you may think. New shrubs like Knockouts are disease-resistant and resilient, making them ideal for novices.

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