Ezekiel Elliott has a role in the latest Patriots nightmare.

The New England Patriots' opening game of the season got off to a bad start.

That's not uncommon for opponents of the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles, but the agony of an early 16-0 deficit is difficult to overcome.

New England has since made the game more competitive, but the start was tough to overstate.

With five minutes remaining in the first quarter, Mac Jones threw a pick-six. Darius Slay took advantage of Philadelphia's defensive line being all up in Jones' airspace.

Okay, no biggie. Simply reset and play intelligent, effective football.No way, no how. The Patriots then turned around and promptly gave the ball back, 

thanks to an uncommon fumble by Ezekiel Elliott in his debut game as a Pat.

Last season, Elliott did not fumble once. So much for the Patriots' resurrected backfield. 

Rhamondre Stevenson had a particularly hard first two quarters as a result of Zeke's fumble. 

 Bill Belichick may require a new approach.In Zeke's defense, the rain in Foxborough has been heavy and persistent. 

Jordan Davis is a towering man whose arm strength, combined with a slick pigskin, would cause any RB to lose control.

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