Ex-Bills WR Turns Heads With Cryptic Tweet Ahead of Season Start

Isaiah McKenzie, a former Buffalo Bills wide receiver, made a stir on Wednesday with a post that some fans felt alluded at dissatisfaction with his current team.

On September 6, the veteran receiver, who was released by the Buffalo Bills earlier this offseason, took to social media to post a strange message.

Fans reacted positively to the message, but there was some concern that McKenzie would be unhappy in his new NFL role.While McKenzie did not explain why he was

lacking trust — or even whether the post was related to the Colts — many Bills supporters responded with positive messages.

"I'll miss you in Buffalo." "Show them why you're so beloved here," one fan replied. Others advised McKenzie to give it time, believing that he will develop into a terrific match for the Colts.

"Trust the process, my friend," another Twitter user said. "You will have your chance to shine in this offensive. Take things slowly and show everyone why we brought you to Indy. I look forward to seeing you on the field this Sunday."

McKenzie is anticipated to contribute significantly to the Colts' offense this season. He was cut at the final roster deadline, but re-signed after teammate Jelani Woods was placed on injured reserve.

McKenzie was released by the Bills on March 17, freeing up almost $2 million in contract space and allowing new free agent signing Deonte Harty to take up the kick returner/jet sweep specialist/receiver role that McKenzie had held since joining Buffalo in 2018.

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