Ex-Bills quarterback faces uncertain future amid retirement rumors

As quarterback Matt Barkley returns home to heal after being released by the Buffalo Bills due to an injury,

the experienced quarterback faces an unclear future and reports that he may retire from the game.

Before his preseason was cut short by an elbow injury, the 32-year-old appeared to be prepared to return to his job as the No. 3 quarterback on the practice squad,

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according to USA Today's Nick Wojton. Barkley and the Bills agreed an injury settlement, and he was released before the final roster cutoff.

Britt Barkley, Barkley's wife, announced the quarterback's immediate plans in an Instagram post thanking Bills fans and explaining that they were heading home so

he could rehab his damaged elbow."[Britt Barkley's] first message made some wonder if he's set to retire from football, 

but she insisted that her message noting the 'beautiful time we had here' was just a little shout out to Buffalo," Wojton wrote.

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"The second then explains that Barkley is just leaving town to rehab and that he hopes to play more football in the future."

While Barkley is free to sign with any team, some predict he will return to Buffalo this season.

Before Barkley's injury settlement, WGR 550 reporter Sal Capaccio speculated that he could be a candidate for the Bills' practice squad.

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