Every MCU Character Wearing Stark Armor

Although Tony Stark is renowned for his amazing costumes in the Iron Man films, he is not the only member of the MCU to don Stark Tech armor. After the brilliant,

wealthy, playboy philanthropist was abducted by a section of the Ten Rings organization, 

Tony's initial suit was infamously constructed in a cave from a box of scraps, but it gradually advanced into something genuinely cutting edge.

Nobody produced greater armor than Tony Stark, starting with simple weapons and armor and eventually flaunting full nanotech.

Given how many Iron Man suits there are in the MCU, it's not surprise that Tony also created some armor to aid a few other characters in battle. In addition, 

some evil foes even appropriated Stark's designs as their own. In either case,

 there's little doubt that the Marvel Universe might not have weathered some of the challenges it has without Iron Man and the variations on that design.

The fact that Tony Stark was the first and most frequent user of his own armor allowed him to escape from prison in Afghanistan and eventually defeat powerful adversaries like the Hulk,

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