ESPN's Adam Schefter Caused Chaos With Dolphins Trade Announcement

A player transaction was completed by the Miami Dolphins this afternoon. 

In a trade that took place earlier today, Tuesday, Miami traded Dallas its first-round pick in 2020 Noah  

Igbinoghene in exchange for the Cowboys' second-round pick in 2021 Kelvin Joseph.

Fans of the Miami Dolphins were under the impression that they had acquired Jonathan Taylor, 

the disgruntled running back for the Indianapolis Colts, after reading the initial half of today's trade announcement as it was reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN. 

Today, amid the responses to the ESPN insider's trade news, NFL fans expressed their displeasure with Schefter.  

It's a bait move to include the Dolphins and a first-round pick to start off a trade tweet. 

Greg tweeted that there would be no further trade announcements until after Jonathan Taylor. 

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