Diana Gabaldon, the creator of Outlander, reveals the secrets behind Buck's time travel plot.

Outlander's author outlined how William Buccleigh 'Buck' Mackenzie (played by Diarmaid Murtagh)'s reemergence will benefit Roger Mackenzie's (Richard Rankin) 

 family when it was revealed that he had inadvertently journeyed 200 years into the future.

When Roger and his wife Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton) were forced to travel back in time with their children, they found themselves in the middle of a great mystery.

 Jemmy (Matthew Adair) and Mandy (Rosa Morris), their children, were certain they were witnessing the nuckelavee, a sea devil from Scottish legend. 

While parents were hesitant to believe the children, Roger later recognized the invader as his ancestor, Buck.  

Although Brianna and Roger intended to assist him in returning via the stones, a big cliffhanger hinted Buck would be living in the future for a longer period of time than predicted.

 The mid-season conclusion of Season 7 revealed that Jemmy had been kidnapped by Brianna's coworker Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton).

After reading Roger's notebooks about his exploits and Claire Fraser's (Caitriona Balfe) letters from the past, he became infatuated with time-travel stories.

Roger and Buck were able to track Rob to a stone where they recovered Jemmy's scarf since the diaries also provided a time-travel itinerary.

While it appears that Jacob transported Jemmy to the past, author Diana Gabaldon revealed that Buck will play an important role in season seven, part two.

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