Derek Carr will never forgive the Raiders for making his wife cry

Derek Carr will never forgive the Raiders. 

The Saints quarterback told the Fresno Bee this week about his departure from Las Vegas and how he will never forgive his former team for making his wife cry.

Carr said bluntly when asked if he would have returned to the Raiders if asked.

If someone made my wife cry, I'd harbor a grudge. I felt the organization offended her, but the rationale is amusing. That’s it. Seriously.

Derek Carr was upset to be benched for the final two games of the 2022 regular season while the team examined Jarrett Stidham, thus his wife cried.

LOL, not meant to laugh. There are better reasons to be unhappy about Derek Carr than being benched. Like his entire career being mocked. 

Carr felt completely obligated to Vegas fans in his third year there, which is odd. He didn't have a decade-long bond with local fans.

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