Derek Carr Stirs Controversy With Viral Raiders Quote

Derek Carr is no longer a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, but he is still in close contact with them. 

He was the starting quarterback for nine years and has yet to play for the New Orleans Saints. The end of his Raiders stint did not go as planned.

He was benched after throwing three interceptions in a Week 16 defeat to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The Raiders chose to release Carr over the summer, and he finally accepted a contract with the Saints. 

He held his sentiments about what happened with the team to himself for a while, but he has recently opened up a little. 

"I was, for lack of a better term, very upset; I was mad," Carr told the Fresno Bee on June 26. "You spend nine years in a place 

you have all the records, you can play at a high level, and for something to get in the way, whether it was money related or whatever, 

injury related, I would have said I don't even want the money, just to play two more times in front of our fans." 

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