Cowboys Could Make Run at $160 Million Star Quarterback, Says Analyst

After thinking the Dallas Cowboys were done with quarterbacks, ESPN's Mike Greenberg suggests they could sign Matthew Stafford in 2024. Greenberg thinks the Cowboys should train Trey Lance under Stafford like the Jets.

"How about thinking about a Super Bowl-winning veteran quarterback who might want to finish his career in his hometown of Dallas, Texas and mentor a young player in a year or two to be ready to take over," Greenberg stated on “Get Up” on August 30, 2023.

“That young player could be Trey Lance, and I'm here to tell you right now [Dan] Orlovsky, your buddy Matthew Stafford, I could easily see a world in which Dak Prescott is way better off being the quarterback of Tampa,

Minnesota, Denver, or someplace else where they want him a year from now The Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback is your friend Matthew Stafford.”

Greenberg makes many assumptions, so it's vital to explain what the ESPN commentator thinks could happen. Prescott has two seasons left on a four-year, $160 million deal, so the Cowboys would only trade him in 2024. 

Trading for Matthew Stafford Would Be a Dallas Cowboys Logistics Nightmare

There is also Cooper Rush to consider whose two-year, $5 million contract goes through 2024. Spotrac reports that the Cowboys can release Rush next summer for $625,000 in dead cap.

Lance would enter his final season on his four-year, $34 million rookie contract. Dallas should not give the quarterback another learning season before Lance seeks his second deal.

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