Cowboys clearly traded for Trey Lance with an eye toward Dak Prescott’s future

When it comes to the things that NFL teams say and do, it can be helpful to wear a tinfoil hat in order to better understand the truth. There are times when the truth is literally staring you in the face.

Inadvertently pulling back the veil on the real reason the Cowboys made the trade for quarterback Trey Lance 

owner and general manager Jerry Jones revealed it by delivering an overly emphatic denial of the rumor.

Jones stated that the thought of an influence here on Dak never ever entered his head. "It didn't cross my mind, period," 

How could he have possibly not considered it? If it didn't, it demonstrates his lack of skill. Due to the market-value nature of Dak Prescott's contract, 

the Cowboys will be responsible for a cap charge of $59 million in the year 2024. They need to extend the agreement in such a way that ensures his future,  

lowers his cap number, and leaves more than enough money to pay linebacker Micah Parsons when the upcoming season has concluded.

The recent decision to give in during guard Zack Martin's holdout makes it even more imperative that the Cowboys avoid handing Dak a deal costing $54 million or $55 million (or more) per year in average new money. 

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