Commentary from Josh Jacobs on the 'Frustrating' Raiders Offense 

It was a little bit simpler to overlook the fact that Raiders running back Josh Jacobs struggled in the game, compiling only 48 yards rushing on 19 tries, 

for an average of 2.5 yards per carry, because Week 1 finished with a thrilling road triumph over Denver. 

Due to Jacobs' dismal stat line of -2 yards on nine attempts, as well as the Raiders' 38-10 loss in Buffalo ,

on a day when little went right for the silver-and-black, it will be much difficult to hide his struggles moving forward. 

Take solace in the knowledge that Jacobs experienced frustration at his performance, 

the Raiders' inability to open up lanes for him, or a combination of both. There were a few instances  ,

when it appeared as though the Raiders might play their own brand of football, such as the game's first drive when Vegas scored a touchdown ,

to take an early 7-0 lead, but such instances were rapidly overshadowed by incompetence.

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