Chris Baumgartner's divorce was compromised by Kevin Costner: Insider 

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner struck a settlement, but an insider revealed disturbing information. 

The Daily Mail reported that Christine's friend had to compromise because Kevin "held all the power."  

“She would have risked losing everything if she had kept battling,” says the source. 

The friend paraphrased Christine as stating, “It is what it is. She said she won't spend evenings awake due to court appearances and that her children may rest today. 

Christine was also “forced” to pay $14,000 last week by Judge Thomas Anderle for neglecting to answer to Kevin's legal team, reports said. 

Kevin's legal team, led by ‘disso’ attorney Laura Wasser, filed documents indicating his monthly commitment would be $63,000, while Christine wanted $248,000. 

Judge Thomas Anderle sided with Kevin after a two-day Santa Barbara evidence hearing. 

Judge Anderle further stated that Christine would have to pay Kevin over $1 million and his attorney's expenses if she challenged the prenuptial agreement. 

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