Chia Pudding with High Protein Carrot Cake

There is no better way to begin your day than with this delicious carrot cake chia pudding. Because it contains 12 grams of protein per serving, it will keep you energized throughout the entire morning.

Taking into consideration that Easter is only a few days away, I am pretty fascinated with anything that can be found on Pinterest that is related to Easter.

Why is it that people can manifest such extraordinary creativity?! There is a wide variety of adorable tablescapes and decorations that I have ever seen.

These include everything from adorable bunny cupcakes to dirt cakes, bird's nest cookies (oh wait, I made a version of them for you!), and everything in between.

Except for the fact that I would never be able to create something even substantially like this on my own, I am without a doubt in a DIY paradise right now.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy that we are planning to do for the Easter celebration this year. As a result of the fact that we were just back in Vermont over the weekend, we won't be able to visit my parents.

Additionally, Matt's family lives in Denver, so I suppose that it will be just the three of us who will be traveling.

There is a good chance that Matt and I will spend the afternoon having massages, that we will go to lunch somewhere in the neighborhood, and that we will spend the evening making ourselves comfy on the couch and watching movies. All of these scenarios are feasible.

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