Cade York leaves the Browns for the AFC South squad in free agency.

Cade York, a former Cleveland Browns kicker, has signed with the Tennessee Titans' practice squad.

After some preseason problems, the Browns released York and traded for veteran kicker Dustin Hopkins from the Los Angeles Chargers.

York missed two possible game-winning attempts in the preseason and lacked the overall consistency that a kicker need.

York has passed waivers and is free to sign with any team. The Browns wanted to re-sign him to the practice squad, but he chose to start over in Tennessee.

"I'm disappointed with how everything turned out," Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski stated. 

"I'm not surprised he went somewhere else in the end, but that's kind of the nature of this business.

"The decision to fire York was not taken lightly. The Browns trusted in him, but he struggled in the preseason, going 4-of-8 on field goal attempts.

"I think, as you can imagine, those are conversations you have throughout training camp, throughout this whole month,"

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