Bills QB Josh Allen Makes a Daring Admission Following Week 2 Victory

The Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen faced a lot of pressure in Week 2 after one of his career-worst performances in their season opener,

as the Madden 24 cover star committed four costly, unnecessary turnovers in the team's 22-16 loss to the New York Jets.

Allen appeared to have learned nothing from his failures last season, when he led the league in turnovers, and there was genuine question among fans and observers about his ability to rebound.

While most players love to use naysayers' comments as fuel, Allen, who returned to form in Week 2 by completing 31-of-37 passes for 274 yards 

and three touchdowns with zero turnovers against the Las Vegas Raiders, told reporters after the game that he had gone dark from all media this week.

"To be honest, I didn't observe any reactions. I didn't look anywhere. "I didn't turn on the televisions," Allen remarked on September 17th.

"The thing about the game is that it offers you the lowest lows and highest highs. But I miss feeling like I did last week. I truly believe it.

Because it makes everything else feel better. It compels us to improve. And I want to be the best quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and the best player in this game. 

So I accept the terrible with the good, and I understand it. I'm just trying to harness it and use it to my advantage."

While Allen did not heed to the unfavorable feedback, he was probed throughout his press conferences about what went wrong and how he could fix these problems in such a short period of time. 

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