Bad Bunny’s Nude Selfie Has the Internet in a Frenzy

Putting it all out there. Fans are buzzing about Bad Bunny's naked selfie on social media, where they are already sharing their thirsty views on the film.

On August 27, 2023, the Puerto Rican rapper, 29, took to Instagram to spam his story with a series of photographs. The photos ranged from Spotify snippets to goofy selfies, 'fit checks, 

and even a candid photograph of the reggaeton artist beside The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal. But, in between the memes and a supportive flick of girlfriend Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila brand, there was a thirst trap to end all thirst traps.

Benito posted a hot mirror selfie in which he was shirtless and, uh, without wearing any underpants. PopCrave reshared Bad Bunny's naked selfie on X (previously Twitter) while subtly censoring the video with their logo.

Of course, it didn't stop social media users from grabbing the original photo and making their own edits. 

Let's just say that after brightening the shot, there's very little left to the imagination in Bad Bunny's nude selfie—and we wouldn't be surprised if Kendall Jenner saw it before the rest of us.

Kendall, speaking of whom, appeared on Bad Bunny's Instagram Stories over the weekend.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star can be heard raving over an adorable chipmunk found on a walk in the background of one of his stories.

 At one point in the clip, Bad Bunny says to Kendall, "Mami, be careful," to which Kendall responds, "Rabies?" before clarifying, "The mosquitoes.

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