After humbling Commanders loss, Sean Payton slams Broncos. 

Sean Payton, the new Denver Broncos coach, is unhappy following Sunday's disheartening ,

home loss to the Washington Commanders. Payton's Broncos led 21-3 early on but lost 35-33 in the fourth quarter. 

Payton, who became head coach this summer, discussed his defense and what they need to improve ,

after the game.I thought we were poor. Payton stated that the offensive will be more formidable,  

as reported by Mike Klis of 9News.Sean Payton has mostly played as an offensive specialist ,

for the New Orleans Saints, but he wanted to see more from Denver's defense on Sunday. 

Russell Wilson and the Broncos' offense last week were ultimately to blame for the team's ,

close home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. But on Sunday, the defense continually failed to make stops in the second half.

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