After Colorado defeated TCU, Deion Sanders issued a strong warning to the whole NCAA.

Deion Sanders had special words for the NCAA after Colorado's thrilling season opener against TCU. Colorado head coach Deion Sanders is delivering on his revolution pledge

The former Cowboys and 49ers standout led his squad to a 45-42 road triumph over TCU, a stunning upset.

The Buffaloes were 21-point underdogs and many pundits predicted two or three wins in 2023, thus this result was unexpected. With the nation's emphasis on college football, Deion Sanders warned about the NCAA and any program that faces Colorado down the line

After his first thrilling win as Colorado head coach, Deion Sanders remembered all the detractors who said the Buffaloes would never be a contender.I told you we were coming. You were told.

I told you we were coming. You were told. You thought we were joking. And guess what? I save receipts. We will always be questioned because we do new things. We do new things, which makes people uncomfortable

After media naysayers questioned many of his players, Coach Prime praised them. So thankful right now. I love these kids. This is good. Two of our players should be Heisman contenders. Who did it? Who did what today?

Colorado's next four games, which everyone is watching. If the Buffaloes beat the Ducks and Trojans, everything is possible. Deion Sanders inked a five-year, $29.5 million contract months ago. Fans who wanted a star on the show donated most of that money. It was believed.

They believe these young men in there. Not all believed before. But now, one by one, two by two, they answered, ‘Coach, we believe.’ They now believe. Boulder now believes. The front office, facility, supporters, and students all want to believe.

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