McCarthy Says US Shutdown Would Be Self-Defeating for GOP

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has stated that he would like to avoid a shutdown of the United States government because it would reduce the influence that his party has in negotiations over budget cutbacks that are desired by Republicans.
McCarthy stated this concern during an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News. “I want to make sure that we don’t shut down,” he said. “I don’t think that is a win for the American public, and I definitely believe that it’ll make our hand weaker if we shut down.”

The Republican leader noted that there are indications of progress being made toward getting budget legislation through the House despite the fact that the end of the fiscal year for the federal government will arrive on September 30. He did not provide any information in his response.
Last week, several Republicans in the House of Representatives stated that they are confident that Congress would not be able to prevent a shutdown of numerous government departments or even strike an agreement to temporarily extend financing for the government.

Because McCarthy is so adamant about avoiding a government shutdown, he has found himself in conflict with the more conservative members of the House Republican caucus, who are demanding spending reductions, increased border security measures, and other measures that Democrats have indicated they are opposed to. “I’ve never seen anyone win a shutdown,” he stated on Sunday.
McCarthy stated that he anticipates bringing the defense funding bill to the floor of the House this week, “win or lose,” as part of the intraparty maneuvering that is taking place to secure a House version of a federal spending plan. McCarthy was forced to pull a spending plan for the Pentagon off the floor of the House of Representatives last week because there was not enough support in his party.

McCarthy claims that a government shutdown would be self-defeating for Republicans (3)

In addition to that, he stated, “I believe we’ll get agreement this week” on a funding bill. A person with knowledge of the situation stated that McCarthy was referring to a consensus among Republican members of the House.
Hakeem Jeffries, the leader of the House Minority Caucus, referred to the conflict between Republicans in the chamber as a “civil war,” noting that it is driving Republicans closer to a government shutdown and an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden.
Jeffries, a Democrat from New York, made this statement while appearing on ABC’s This Week on Sunday. “Civil war has the following attributes: chaos, dysfunction, and extremism,” he stated.


“The civil war that is taking on within the House of Representatives is having a negative impact on law-abiding taxpayers in the United States, and it is limiting our ability to find solutions to problems on their behalf. It’s really too bad.”Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania stated earlier on Fox Business that he and other conservatives will not just go along with a plan, even if it is a short-term temporary plan to keep agencies working, with a continuation of existing expenditure. Perry made this statement in response to a question regarding whether or not conservatives would support a plan that continued existing spending.

According to Perry, who serves as the chair of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus, such a package will need to include some sort of “haircut” to present spending levels as well as some sort of addressing of border security.
McCarthy on Sunday also defended his decision that three House committees should begin an official investigation into whether or not Vice President Biden should be impeached. The international business operations of Hunter Biden, other members of the Biden family, and the commercial associates of those family members are among the targets of this investigation.
McCarthy stated that a subpoena for Hunter Biden would be issued by the House Republicans, but this would not take place until additional documents and other aspects of the probe are finished.

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