J.J. Watt Has One-Word Reaction To Deion Sanders’ Debut Win

Former NFL player JJ Watt admires what Deion Sanders has accomplished with Colorado football.

While the Buffaloes have only played one game so far, their victory over TCU football–a team that advanced all the way to the national title last year–was enough to inspire hopes and confidence that the squad is on the right track. Granted, the Horned Frogs are no longer the same squad after losing a lot of last year’s talent to the NFL, but the fact that Sanders was able to rapidly turn around a club that had only won one game the previous season against a good program is certainly commendable.

Following the Buffaloes’ 45-42 victory over the Horned Frogs, fans and experts alike praised Sanders, and Watt responded with an awesome message for Sanders and his Colorado football program.


 Deion Sanders'

“What Deion Sanders did today cannot be emphasized. To transform the entire Colorado program from what it was last season to today by defeating a team that competed in the National Championship last season… It’s one thing to discuss it. It’s another thing entirely to really execute it. “Wow,” Watt exclaimed after the Buffaloes’ triumph.
Sure, it’s still a long season, and Deion Sanders needs to demonstrate that his squad can compete at the highest level of college football on a consistent basis. However, there’s no disputing that they couldn’t have had a better start.

JJ Watt isn’t the only NFL player who has reacted to the Buffaloes’ victory. Even Kansas City Chiefs sensation Patrick Mahomes was taken aback by how quickly Sanders was able to transform the team into a viable contender.

Of course, now that the entire football world is watching them, Colorado football is under a lot of pressure to perform. But if there’s one thing fans should know, it’s that Sanders and his squad aren’t deterred by such trivial things.

 Deion Sanders'

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith are obsessed with Deion Sanders.

Several media figures made sure to thank Deion Sanders for leading the Buffaloes to their first victory of the season. Among the most notable replies have been those of ESPN announcer Stephen A. Smith and FOX Sports analyst Skip Bayless.

Both veteran sports media professionals were excited to see Sanders have quick success in his first game with Colorado football, with Stephen A. calling it a “sensational” performance.

“YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! Colorado Football is 58 points away from defeating TCU Football. Shadeur Sanders, Deion Sanders’ son, put on an incredible performance. 510 yds. He was OUTSTANDING!! What an amazing performance! Head Prime, go! ‘Head Prime!!’ “That’s what I’m talking about,” Smith remarked.
Meanwhile, Bayless expressed his delight after Colorado’s victory in a series of posts on X. He even stated that Colorado is now a Buffs County rather than a Broncos County.

 Deion Sanders'
“The only man I know who could’ve done what Deion Sanders just did is… Deion Sanders,” Skip added. “The word from Coach Prime and all his emerging stars: “We comin’,” he wrote in another post. They appear to have just arrived. I just saw LEGIT stars in Shedeur, Travis Hunter, and Dylan Edwards, as well as Horn and Weaver at receiving and offensive and defensive lines that hung in far better than I expected.”
It’s a great day to be a Buffaloes fan.



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