Denise Austin, 66, demonstrates the ‘Best’ Move for Toning the ‘Whole Mid-Section’

Denise Austin never misses an opportunity to showcase the positive effects of adopting an active lifestyle, whether it’s on the Sports Illustrated bikini runway or by posting jaw-dropping “then and now” bikini photographs on social media. The fitness icon, who is 66 years old, has now revealed in a new Instagram video exactly how she keeps her exceptionally toned abdominal muscles in such good shape.

In the video, Austin can be seen working out in a bright yellow workout set while laying on her pink yoga mat. She is explaining her go-to abdominal exercise that targets “110%” of the core muscles, and she does it while she is laying down.

Denise Austin

She extolled the virtues of the maneuver, saying, “If you only have time for one exercise and you want to work your entire core, do this one!!” She captioned the video with the following phrase: “The bicycle move hits your whole mid-section…lower and upper abs, sides, and back!!” “Start with 30 seconds, and as you continue to perform them, you will be able to go longer and longer…Give these a go today, and you won’t believe the difference they make tomorrow!!”

“Are you interested in learning the number one most effective abdominal workout that works the lower tummy, the entire front of the abs, and the waistline? In the video, she instructs you to “do a bicycle.” It engages all 110% of your abdominal muscles. Go!”

A brief demonstration was given by Austin, who began by lying down on a mat while propping her upper back, shoulders, and legs up with pillows. After that, she brought one of her knees nearer her face at a time, touching it to the elbow on the opposite side of her body, before stretching the knee back out and repeating the process on the other side.

As usual, fans thought Austin’s video was instructive and enjoyed watching it. “Exercise is exactly what I need!! It’s a tough one to crack!! Denise, I am so grateful to you! “,” a follower wrote in their post. “I recall this from a number of years ago. A wonderful example of an ab classic.

The reason why Austin’s go-to workout might look a little bit familiar to you is because this is not the first time that she has praised

the usefulness of this particular move in particular. A not too long ago, Austin described her top three go-to routines for strengthening the abdominal muscles, one of which was the bicycle crunch, and she mentioned that it was one of her favorites. According to her, performing a variety of crunches is “one of the best ways to flatten that belly.”

The well-known figure in the fitness industry then demonstrated for the audience two additional exercises, both of which she characterized as helpful “to tone and tighten up my tummy.” She suggests that you execute exercises such as plank crunches and a side plank, both of which, according to her, are helpful for toning “the sides of your waistline.”

Denise Austin

We feel the burn after one of Austin’s sessions, but we can’t help but be envious of her gear as much as we appreciate her ability to keep going even if it hurts. If you want to channel your inner fitness icon, be sure to pick up some of the equipment that is listed below because it is some of her favorite equipment

Austin’s latest informative video has once again struck a chord with his loyal fans, who never cease to appreciate his fitness guidance. In the video, he shares an invigorating exercise routine, perfectly tailored to their needs.

One follower expressed their gratitude, saying, “Just the exercise I need!! It’s a challenging one!! Thank you, Denise!! 🥰.” Such comments reflect the genuine enthusiasm Austin’s followers have for his workouts, recognizing the value he adds to their fitness journeys.

Another fan fondly recalled, “I remember this from years back. A great ab classic. Thank you for the refresher!! ❤️” This sentiment not only highlights Austin’s consistency in delivering effective workouts but also speaks to the timeless nature of his exercise routines, which continue to resonate with both new and long-time followers.

As Austin continues to inspire and empower his community with his fitness expertise, it’s evident that his dedication to providing valuable content remains unwavering, fostering a sense of camaraderie among his followers on their fitness journeys

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