Deion Sanders’ MLB colleagues said he was a ‘wonderful’ addition to the clubhouse: ‘He wasn’t Prime Time all the time.’

Deion Sanders, who is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and currently serves as the head football coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, has been and continues to be a controversial figure in the world of sports.
Sanders was a standout athlete in both professional baseball and football during the 1990s.
He earned the nickname “Prime Time” and a reputation for his unparalleled self-assurance and swagger in the course of his career.
Despite his larger-than-life demeanor, Sanders’ colleagues were not always overshadowed by him when he was in Major League Baseball clubhouses. Sanders’s former teammates have described how encouraging and positive of an individual he was, and they have expressed how much they cherished their time spent on the field with him.Rick Reed, a former pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, remembered a moment when Reggie Sanders stood up for him after Reed had been shunned for breaking ranks during the players’ strike that took place in the mid-1990s.”Do you realize what? You have no idea what hardships that man has faced in the past or is facing in the present.

Then how are you able to sit here and pass judgment on him? According to the version of the tale that was relayed to Reed, Sanders mentioned it during a team meeting. Jim Bowden, who was serving as general manager of the Reds at the time, convened a meeting of the squad and later confirmed that account of the events.
According to Bowden, who was quoted in The Athletic regarding the subject, “I never had a player in any clubhouse that cared more about winning and his teammates than Deion.” He assisted other players both on and off the field more than anybody else I’d ever had. “He did more to help other players than anyone else I’d ever had.”

Deion Sanders' MLB colleagues said he was a 'wonderful' addition to the team 'He wasn't always Prime Time (1)
Despite the fact that Reed and Sanders never actually shared the field together, the two-time champion of the Super Bowl had a significant influence on the former Reds pitcher.
“I had no prior experience with him. Reed stated in an interview with The Athletic that “I’d never met the man, and he stood up and he said what he said.” To this day, I have nothing but positive things to say about that individual, and I swear to you on my life. He was a wonderful example of the human race.

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Reed and Sanders were on the same roster for a brief period of time before Reed was traded to the San Francisco Giants. Sanders was dealt from the Cincinnati Reds to the San Francisco Giants.
Rick Stowe, who managed the Cincinnati Reds in the past, stated that unlike what some people might believe, Sanders did not always seek to be the center of attention.
“He wasn’t Prime Time, he was Deion in the locker room,” Stowe said in an interview with The Athletic.

Stowe agreed that Sanders’ reputation had preceded him, but she reassured her readers that their reservations were unfounded.
“I remember just watching him on a football field and thinking, ‘Oh no,'” Stowe recalled saying of the player. “When he arrived in the changing room, everything was completely different. He was simply incredible. He kept his silence and took a back seat. He defended the interests of the newcomers. I am unable to speak ill of him in any way.

Deion Sanders

Jim Leyritz, a former player for the New York Yankees who played with Bernie Sanders during the 1990 season, had very similar feelings regarding the manner in which Sanders carried himself.
They believed that Prime Time was actually who he was and not just a persona that he carried about with him. I knew him, and our acquaintance with him went much beyond than that,” stated Leyritz.


Sanders also played with the Atlanta Braves for a total of four seasons. John Smoltz, a pitcher who went on to become a Hall of Famer and is now an analyst for FOX Sports, referred to Sanders as a “great teammate.”
“I never met anybody that was with him or around him or a teammate that thought anything less of him than being a great teammate,” the player said. “I never met anybody that was with him or around him or a teammate.” It was noted by Smoltz.
Sanders has been called out for the manner in which he used the college football transfer portal to completely revamp the roster for the Buffaloes, but his strategy has already proven to be successful.

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