Deion Sanders confirms if he will leave Colorado to become NFL head coach

Deion Sanders is having an outstanding first season with the Colorado Rockies. That is why he may be a major name in the NFL coaching ranks.
As Colorado’s head coach, Deion Sanders promised a revolution, and he is delivering. The former Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers standout led his team to a stunning upset by defeating TCU 45-42 on the road and then defeating Nebraska 36-14 at Folsom Field.

Deion Sanders

Many experts predicted that they would only win two or three games in 2023 before the season began. Everyone is talking about playoffs and perhaps a national title right now.

Of course, Coach Prime’s influence has been felt throughout the NFL. That is why, regardless of what happens in college football the rest of the season, many teams might give him a shot.

Will Deion Sanders become an NFL coach?

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders was asked the big question during an interview with First Take. Shannon Sharpe sought to catch him off guard by suggesting he take a job as an NFL head coach.

Coach Prime simply smiled and responded with an awesome response. “I’m not joining the NFL.” It’s nice here in Boulder. It’s perfect right here. “I see what you’re saying.” When he said that, all of the fans gathered around the set went insane.

Deion Sanders

So, right now, all eyes are on an unexpected run to the playoffs. Colorado’s next opponents are Colorado State, Oregon, USC, Arizona State, and Stanford. The Buffaloes are already a Top 20 club, and anything is possible if they beat the Ducks and Trojans.


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